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Friday, July 15, 2011

Will terror ever leave us?

Just a few lines.....

Will terror ever leave us?



Because crime and punishment (made famous in this juxtaposition by Fyodor Dostoevsky) does not go hand in hand in India.

So when Barkha Dutt puts on her earnest face and equally earnest voice and plaintively asks "Will hanging Kasab and Malik end terror?"....I can answer that worldly wise journalist this way..."Give Kasab and Malik to the victims....then lets see who has the guts to spread terror!"

Each time we catch a terrorist, give him to the ones who have lost children and earning members....who have lost limbs and lie shattered like Humpty Dumpty, never to be put together again!!

I assure you, terror will end!

And lets PLEASE not talk of "the spirit of Indians who face terror bravely"....its shameless and speaks of cowardice!

There is no bravery in tolerating bombs on an innocent is the net result of fat, useless politicians with their useless agendas, the failure of the police which has fattened itself like leeches and who fail time and again, it is the failure of the largest nation in the world in terms of self respect!

Ab baar baar kya kahen....words cannot share the same platform as bombs....only ruthless action can!

Live with the bombs and flying shrapnel! They are here to stay! Live with the terrorists eating biryani in jails! Live with the taste of lost self respect (if someone comes in time and again to beat one up in one's own home and one does nothing, its a severe lack of self respect). Live with fear....and the name of God! He is the only one who might protect us! And while He's half heartedly saving us, He's also muttering "Bloody Indians!! When will you take up arms?? Lazy, gutless cowards!!! Geeta gyan bhi kis useless nation ko personally diya. Har baar janam lena padta hai in idiots ko bachane....non violence and fasts ke natak ne naak me dam kar diya hai. Abe, kabhi to uth ja ladne ke liye!! Aur PLEASE, baten karna band kar!!"


PS: I've volunteered!! I will be the unpaid hangman for all the terrorists.....I will get my own rope and manage to string them up alone! Just call me anytime! I'll even take no travel allowance! No hotel accommodation! Will pay my way! Just call me!

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