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Friday, July 15, 2011

Will terror ever leave us?

Just a few lines.....

Will terror ever leave us?



Because crime and punishment (made famous in this juxtaposition by Fyodor Dostoevsky) does not go hand in hand in India.

So when Barkha Dutt puts on her earnest face and equally earnest voice and plaintively asks "Will hanging Kasab and Malik end terror?"....I can answer that worldly wise journalist this way..."Give Kasab and Malik to the victims....then lets see who has the guts to spread terror!"

Each time we catch a terrorist, give him to the ones who have lost children and earning members....who have lost limbs and lie shattered like Humpty Dumpty, never to be put together again!!

I assure you, terror will end!

And lets PLEASE not talk of "the spirit of Indians who face terror bravely"....its shameless and speaks of cowardice!

There is no bravery in tolerating bombs on an innocent is the net result of fat, useless politicians with their useless agendas, the failure of the police which has fattened itself like leeches and who fail time and again, it is the failure of the largest nation in the world in terms of self respect!

Ab baar baar kya kahen....words cannot share the same platform as bombs....only ruthless action can!

Live with the bombs and flying shrapnel! They are here to stay! Live with the terrorists eating biryani in jails! Live with the taste of lost self respect (if someone comes in time and again to beat one up in one's own home and one does nothing, its a severe lack of self respect). Live with fear....and the name of God! He is the only one who might protect us! And while He's half heartedly saving us, He's also muttering "Bloody Indians!! When will you take up arms?? Lazy, gutless cowards!!! Geeta gyan bhi kis useless nation ko personally diya. Har baar janam lena padta hai in idiots ko bachane....non violence and fasts ke natak ne naak me dam kar diya hai. Abe, kabhi to uth ja ladne ke liye!! Aur PLEASE, baten karna band kar!!"


PS: I've volunteered!! I will be the unpaid hangman for all the terrorists.....I will get my own rope and manage to string them up alone! Just call me anytime! I'll even take no travel allowance! No hotel accommodation! Will pay my way! Just call me!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Utho Parth, Gandeev Sambhalo!

India's national motto, emblazoned at the base of the four lions which proclaims "satyameva jayate" is too sad a tune to play in the time of the vanishing tiger, also our national animal and now a commentary on how fast things have deteriorated on all fronts! It is a sad echo of what we were and where we aspired to be...and where we stand today!
We need a change of pace...a change in attitude, a complete overhaul in our thinking and working or this nation of a few billions is jaggernauting itself to disaster!

A clarion call would be more appropriate...UTHO PARTH, GANDEEV SAMBHALO!

That is what the Lord himself told a crying, defeated Arjun on the battlefield....Rise and fight, . The time for inaction is over. Fight now, for the waiting is over...fight, for this is the right path....fight for liberation from injustice and tyranny! now there lies no escape! Fight, for now the balance between dharma and adharma is tilting"
Sometimes truth does not prevail...and has to be fought for!
Akin to these times where the corrupt lead us towards no future.....

Utho Parth, Gandeev sambhalo!

Anna Hazare tried to get up......the lokpal bill should have been passed by now.......a transparent machinery started....when we set robbers and bandits to divide a nation's wealth, what will be the result?
The Indian airline is in you understand what it means if it goes under and is closed? The private airlines will rule the roost and hike their fares 50 times overnight! Air travel will then be unaffordable for most of us.....did you not see what was done to onions?? We will be held hostage again! And there will be no tired, governmental airline we so love to hate, to save our goat!

Utho Parth, Gandeev Sambhalo!

The farmers are debt ridden, committing suicide like lemmings......they earn a squalid living. The consumers of their produce pay a hefty sum and are in turn, desperate. Where does the difference in produce when it starts out till it reaches us, go? Who benefits? Its benefits not you and me or the farmer! Where does the money go? Why do we allow such massive theft?

Utho Parth, Gandeev Sambhalo!

We are lead by ruthless, money whore-mongers with only self gain on their agenda......and they are above the law! They refuse to be governed by the same rules by which they govern us...they pillage and plunder like Ghenghis Khan and are not held accountable.

Utho Parth, Gandeev Sambhalo!

When the lawless and unprincipled govern, what will be the future? Who will protect the masses....Kalki, the 10th and final avataar might not come a-calling sometime soon! The Lord makes one pretty desperate before he comes personally to deliver. It took the Pandavas 13 years of wanderings and then "the mother of all wars" before they got what was took Ram 14 yrs and another maha-sangram to win back his wife and take over his kingdom...and he was the Lord himself, in human form!
I think we can safely assume that we will have to battle ourselves out of this mire of corruption and helplessness that holds us so firmly by the feet and refuses to let go!

So, Utho Parth, Gandeev Sambhalo!

For all our sacred texts say that a righteous man will have to fight when surrounded by unrighteousness.
For the inability and unwillingness to take action is also a grave sin.
For to endure adharma weakens the cosmic fibre!

Therefore for the present "Satyamev jayate" must give way to "Utho Parth, Gandeev Sambhalo"

Another perspective...

Another perspective....and something to look forward to! More "kashmiri freedom fighters" in India......and a sorely understaffed Indian army, air force and navy! Will the Indian soldier finally get his due....will we realise who stands between us and total chaos, finally? And will they again provide us with legends.....and not fail us, like they have always done before? Will they prove to us again that some things in this world are shining and pure and indebt us again forever?

I do hope this time around, the dear old "Kashmiri fighters" target some Indian politicians and their offices!

Plus maybe after taking a few bombs again on our heads, we will come up with some sort of national pride and do something concrete......learn lessons from Israel!! Hire them as coaches and make them our pals. Stop just being mincemeat!! Stop being so afraid...stop being ninnies!!

Two things will happen....either India shapes up and becomes a tiger in its defense.....or remains a "non aligned, non violent" country everybody tramples upon!

Am not afraid for I believe that the world is linked together in mysterious ways...and gruesome, Machiavellian politics has its own pitfalls!

What was 9/11...collateral damage? Or was it proof that riding the "terrorist tiger" is a dangerous thing to do!!

Though I do really really pray that these "kashmiri freedom fighters" find further greener pastures beckoning! And meet those who encouraged them, made them rich and fat! Sometimes true gold is found only in the West!

PS Maybe we all are really preparing to meet Kalki. For if below is what really happened, then we live in EVIL, EVIL times....and its time mankind again started afresh.....

Are we now going to mourn the passing of Osama??

Oh...GOOD GRIEF!! Are we now going to mourn the passing of Osama?? Seems like his death has put India in a truckload of manure....

I fail to understand politics!

It must take a maggoty brain to come up with stuff like this....such warped thinking and procedures!

In simple words, does it mean that Pakistan and America will remain buddy buddy, despite Pak being a terrorist haven with an address book filled with all famous monsters?? And India pays the price of being a placid cow??

It seems so wrong, somehow....though I know that countries operate on absolutely fantastically corrupt rules where nothing is sacred! Except economic gain!!

And the most sanctimonious talk comes from the most badmash countries!!

Global terrorism, indeed! And the war against terror...indeed!!

God save us all!

I think India needs everyone's prayers......we seem to be in the line of fire, somehow!

We are the biggest victims of terror......yet we are on the crosshairs of terrorists and anti-terrorists alike!!

Does this make any sense??

It just tells one very emphatically that "Talk softly but carry a big stick!"

And that "Xama shobti uss bhujang ko, jiske paas garal ho.....(forgiveness suits only the very very strong....what does forgiveness signify in a weak man, but cowardice?).

So when India proclaims loudly that "We are non aligned and come in peace"....her neighbours giggle and promptly swallow up some of her territory....because they have learnt over time that she will not defend herself, despite all the posturing...and the world denies her a rightful place for she has no powerful allies and stands alone!

She does not defend her citizens inside or out of the country...she is led by the absolutely characterless and the very dregs of society....people with no moral fiber and not much education who stymie at every turn the few with vision......

One can debate in a thousand different ways about Osama and Obama's maha-sangram.......but the truth is that both countries are in cahoots and it is an extremely unhealthy environment for India! To be surrounded by hostiles with dangerous be the biggest victim of terror and then to listen to Pak declare loudly that Pakistan suffers most grievously from the terrorists it has home grown organically in every a thousand different names.....AND THEN TO NET 19 BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY AS AID!!.....

I worry!!