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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lady Justitia's whereabouts!

I think lady Justitia is not only blindfolded, she really resides in the dark, unknown and ignored and completely looked down least, in India. Maybe she's an NRI! 

Lady Justitia is the statue which we have seen countless times in a Bollywood movie and is the Goddess of Justice....she with the balanced scales in one hand, with a prominent blindfold. An unfortunate statue of justice would have a rocket launcher in one hand and a severed head in the other!! Balancing on top of a political leader and the Indian Constitution! 

A very strong message that the law is above all! 

In a civilized society, if the law is not upheld with grim steadfastness, the society unravels.
Indian society has unraveled!


Well, we still have mob violence here...communal violence is as common a dish as butter chicken! 

And one can destroy public property and prove to be as anti-social as a rabid pyscho who guns down unwary passersby in American public spaces......and get away scotfree. 

Do you realise we live among people who find stoning trains, cars, buses and setting them on fire as a very communicative way of expression???

I have never stoned anything in my life! I cannot break a glass window to prove the depth of my anger. What stone-age mentality (no pun intended) is this which makes us make rubbish of honest taxpayers' money???

Yesterday what was destroyed by bloody hooligans was my father's hard earned money! And Ajit's! How dare someone treat their labour as dirt??? And get away unpunished? Ajit works through his sick leave....from morning to night, sometimes, 7 days a week! And he pays 33% of this blood, sweat and honesty as tax....for criminals to make a bonfire of??? 

Why??? Why is there no redressal? Why can't I catch that maullana who instigated the mob and charge him as a seditionist?? As a traitor? As a lowlife?

Why can't we just catch the mob and make them pay for damages?? Or then make them stay in jail and work in chain mail gangs!

Why can't the political leaders pay for their followers' actions??? Immediately...or they will have to step down!!

Mob violence will stop in a day, I assure you!

Doe nobody think like me??

Are we all so soft? Do criminals need such a soft approach? 

The guard who saw the Mumbai lawyer and wanted to molest her purely because he felt "attracted' to her...and slit her throat with a knife he purchased for this deed (premeditated to the last degree) like she meant nothing than a sacrificial, mute animal....does he deserve not the death penalty RIGHT NOW???

The girl who was abducted in Delhi yesterday and gangraped by her friend's boyfriend and his 7 they not deserve a firing squad???? Today?

Lady Justitia needs to get rid of her blindfold and her 'tarrazoo' and her placid demeanor  and pick up automatic weapons and a snarling attitude! 

I don't want to live in a society where the guard entrusted with my safety, slits my throat as a result of attraction! And doesn't pay with his life!!

I don't want any part of a rotting social setup where my gender is raped callously, anywhere and everywhere, as part of 'manly entertainment'....and everybody just shrugs and says "boys will be boys, so cover up, you females, and stay indoors and be less tempting!" 
(Gurgaon police actually issued this decree "Women will not work after 8pm" when there was a spate of well publicized rapes they had to solve!!)  

I don't want any part of that society where my elected leader himself is an ill-educated, narrow minded freak who preaches caste-ism and religious mania and loots public money with an complete shameless disregard! And is completely above the law he and his counterparts establish.

I also actually dislike intensely a society which doesn't understand a simple civic making A SINGLE, ORDERLY QUEUE!!!!

Perhaps we need to change Lady Justitia, substitute her with Nemesis. Nemesis takes revenge and 'gives what is due'! She is also known as Adrasteia or "one from whom there is no escape!"

I'll settle for her as a role model and a worthy deity!


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