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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another perspective...

Another perspective....and something to look forward to! More "kashmiri freedom fighters" in India......and a sorely understaffed Indian army, air force and navy! Will the Indian soldier finally get his due....will we realise who stands between us and total chaos, finally? And will they again provide us with legends.....and not fail us, like they have always done before? Will they prove to us again that some things in this world are shining and pure and indebt us again forever?

I do hope this time around, the dear old "Kashmiri fighters" target some Indian politicians and their offices!

Plus maybe after taking a few bombs again on our heads, we will come up with some sort of national pride and do something concrete......learn lessons from Israel!! Hire them as coaches and make them our pals. Stop just being mincemeat!! Stop being so afraid...stop being ninnies!!

Two things will happen....either India shapes up and becomes a tiger in its defense.....or remains a "non aligned, non violent" country everybody tramples upon!

Am not afraid for I believe that the world is linked together in mysterious ways...and gruesome, Machiavellian politics has its own pitfalls!

What was 9/11...collateral damage? Or was it proof that riding the "terrorist tiger" is a dangerous thing to do!!

Though I do really really pray that these "kashmiri freedom fighters" find further greener pastures beckoning! And meet those who encouraged them, made them rich and fat! Sometimes true gold is found only in the West!

PS Maybe we all are really preparing to meet Kalki. For if below is what really happened, then we live in EVIL, EVIL times....and its time mankind again started afresh.....

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