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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Are we now going to mourn the passing of Osama??

Oh...GOOD GRIEF!! Are we now going to mourn the passing of Osama?? Seems like his death has put India in a truckload of manure....

I fail to understand politics!

It must take a maggoty brain to come up with stuff like this....such warped thinking and procedures!

In simple words, does it mean that Pakistan and America will remain buddy buddy, despite Pak being a terrorist haven with an address book filled with all famous monsters?? And India pays the price of being a placid cow??

It seems so wrong, somehow....though I know that countries operate on absolutely fantastically corrupt rules where nothing is sacred! Except economic gain!!

And the most sanctimonious talk comes from the most badmash countries!!

Global terrorism, indeed! And the war against terror...indeed!!

God save us all!

I think India needs everyone's prayers......we seem to be in the line of fire, somehow!

We are the biggest victims of terror......yet we are on the crosshairs of terrorists and anti-terrorists alike!!

Does this make any sense??

It just tells one very emphatically that "Talk softly but carry a big stick!"

And that "Xama shobti uss bhujang ko, jiske paas garal ho.....(forgiveness suits only the very very strong....what does forgiveness signify in a weak man, but cowardice?).

So when India proclaims loudly that "We are non aligned and come in peace"....her neighbours giggle and promptly swallow up some of her territory....because they have learnt over time that she will not defend herself, despite all the posturing...and the world denies her a rightful place for she has no powerful allies and stands alone!

She does not defend her citizens inside or out of the country...she is led by the absolutely characterless and the very dregs of society....people with no moral fiber and not much education who stymie at every turn the few with vision......

One can debate in a thousand different ways about Osama and Obama's maha-sangram.......but the truth is that both countries are in cahoots and it is an extremely unhealthy environment for India! To be surrounded by hostiles with dangerous be the biggest victim of terror and then to listen to Pak declare loudly that Pakistan suffers most grievously from the terrorists it has home grown organically in every a thousand different names.....AND THEN TO NET 19 BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY AS AID!!.....

I worry!!

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