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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Enough, enough, enough!

Hey, people! Let us throw in our lot with Israel . I have admired them forever. I read “The Diary Of Anne Frank” in school and it had appalled me even then. The Israelis know how to deal with terror and terrorists so effectively that they have no peers.

We are looking to the world for an ally….let Israel be our friend…that small, staunch country which has the memory of an elephant and the heart of a lion! And the iron will to defend itself that silences the continents….when Israel stands up in its defence, it sees nothing, hears no reason, tolerates no mediation…I think I see them very clearly today and like what I see. I want to be that strong, that unbending….I’ve had enough of sitting on the fence and looking up for succor and relief from the ‘developed nations’…..out with my begging bowl like a typical Third World country, my pride nonexistent, an unquestioning acceptance of all the verbal and physical blows that come my way! No honour, no hope…just a mangy cur with its tail between its legs!

Enough of this miserable existence…..of this dying in anonymity. Being held at knife point by terrorists who do not ambush me in some dark dingy alley but inside my own home!
Enough, enough, enough!

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