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Saturday, December 6, 2008

This is the India of my dreams

As I sit here chained to my computer, unable to resume my ordinary life, feeling like Cassandra singing dirges…Cassandra had the gift of seeing the future and the accompanying curse that she would not be believed…I have had time to sit and ponder! Remember the inevitable essay we had to write in school about Mere Sapon Ka Bharat? Well, here is the essence of that dreary theme that all of a sudden gains supreme importance….

I want an India governed by leaders who have had military training.

I want the leaders in power to have a son, daughter, brother ,uncle who have served or are serving in our Armed Forces.

I want monthly expenditures of all politicians published…and if a Sheila Dixit owns up she does not have a personal car, woe betide if her son is caught using a “gifted Merc”!

I want all properties of Dawood Ibrahim to be given to the police or our Armed Forces….let them build their homes there if the Govt. is too afraid of the consequences of taking that murderous hood on! Hell, give them to me, the ordinary Indian.

I want each politician to travel like a public servant…no road blockages and whining sirens. After all why should we not share the pleasure of our potholed roads that take hours to traverse with our esteemed policy makers?

We will lynch the next bastard who stands up as a political candidate and who has a criminal record a mile long!

We will lynch the bastards who come in open jeeps and capture booths….let all polling booths be monitored by the Army.

All property, money which the politicians cannot account for will be used to purchase modern, sophisticated weaponry.

All decisions made by the Govt will be open to the media…let us see what goes behind the scenes. And the ones deemed too sensitive, can be viewed by a select intelligentsia we trust…respected industrialists and upright members from our community.

Our leaders have to be accountable. I refuse to slog and pay taxes that takes Mr. Patil’s son abroad 6 times a year.

And when money is allotted for medicine or grain to the really, really poor and it does not reach them, lynch the man responsible.

If a new flyover collapses on passersby, lynch the contractor.

If a man asks for a bribe to do his job, fire him on the spot and see to it that he never gets another one and has the only option of working for Sulabh Sauchalaya as a menial.

And if a politician uses a few lakhs to put up his own statue, let him carry it with him wherever he goes! All the time. That will cure all the megalomania.

The next bastard who talks of ‘his people’ instead of the nation should be sent to Afghanistan or Pakistan on a diplomatic posting. Then he will shortly realize who are his people.

This is the India of my dreams. Strike, people, when the iron is hot…the politicians are running to escape the heat. We can be heard now…change is on the cards. Hit them before their recover their brazen shamelessness and come back like Satan’s army.

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