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Saturday, December 6, 2008

I have had enough, I can not see one more dead, I am ready for change

I thank some of my friends who mailed me back and shared their thoughts with me. I have written these impassioned words as I am filled with disquiet and foreboding. I refuse to speak diplomatically....diplomacy has no place when one's countrymen lie with limbs torn asunder in their own homes!

I am a Forces person, I have seen the Armed Forces from within...we have seen this coming. We are a nation who do not remember nor respect our defenders and heroes. We pay compensation for valour and following one's dharma! What price do you place on a jawan who dies on our border, defending us, unsung and forgotten with an entire family dependant upon him? What price a fauji who knows that he is ill-equipped and fighting a battle with his hands tied behind his back yet who forges forward shouting "Veer Bhogya Vasundhara"! What price a DTC driver who drives his passengers to safety and goes blind trying to dispose of the parcel bomb safely? What price a constable who chases armed goons with only a lathi? We then dispose of such sterling men thinking they merely did their duty. If doing our duty was this easy, we would not be in this fix today.

We can run only so far. Sooner or later we will have to stop and fight. Let us not be the Pandavas, righteous yet weak, running away from our cousins, refusing to stand up when we are first struck, hiding behind false notions of 'dharma' and compassion! We have run away from Pakistan over and over again. Pakistan is no is our deepest and darkest enemy and what it is doing to us follows the principles of war...we do not see them coming, they use deception, darkness and terror, they spread maximum violence with minimum means. And they use the media, home and abroad to yell how India troubles them. This is war! Even if they write us a letter headed "WE ARE COMING TO KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES AS YOU IDIOTS LIE THERE SLEEPING", we will still ask for proof and ask "Is it really them or are they being used as scapegoats"?

Please go to our borders for a day and see for yourselves. I beseech you to judge for yourselves...and take your kids along. Ask your Army friends for this favour...have your eyes opened...WE HAVE BEEN AT WAR WITH PAKISTAN FOR is a secret war where stupid Indians, who are the most image conscious hypocrites alive, tie their hands behind their backs in some dumb reasoning and take on the merciless Pakis who gouge out eyes of our patrol parties, who capture our fishermen in our own waters, who penetrate our borders and recruit our misguided youth under our very noses.

Go to Jammu where there is a war raging on...they will shoot you as you walk under the Chinar trees, smelling a is our land yet we are the enemy. Why do we need more proof? Why does your heart not burn? Why can you sleep? Why do the cries of our ambushed not reach our ears? Why do we shrug our shoulders and say "God's will"? Why do we content ourselves with 'Kya kare"?

Let us start a movement and do something. Let us not have to choose between political candidates where one has 20 cases against him and the other is simply a murderer. Let us get some honest guys on board...We can do it...we did it for Jessica Lal...we did it for Priyadarshini Mattoo...we can do so for ourselves. Our thoughts shape our actions and actions define reality! let us make it real, people!

I have had enough...I can not see one more dead...I am ready for change.


Aparna Bagwe said...

I am with you, Nishi... more power to your pen!

Aparna Bagwe said...


absolute head on truth. no greys... i can feel the power the anguish behind ur words.. and the tumult inside ur brain that makes u say all this... i agree (almost) 100% with u.. i do wish that once we hv hd a chance to lick our wounds.. all this mayhem will translate into some affirmative firm and retaliatory action that tells our attackers that we will not let such things happen to us ever again... indeed we need to shrug off this mentality of the Indian the welcomer of all... friend or foe.. the slap my other cheek too gandhian..and yes if u say so my wife must be punished rama..

i disagree with u on only one major point.. the common man (generic for human Indian) DOES respect and admire and remember the jawans of all hues colours denominations agencies... as our protectors and defenders... salute to them all this time too.

lets keep politicans out of this pls.. the topic is more important.. i dont even want to think - leave alone talk, about that breed of middle men.. the dalals.. who sell everyone around them to the highest bidder.. honestly hv not understood why we need them... as agents between the common man and the administrators, the civil servants, the actual workers.