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Thursday, December 18, 2008

We are superb cowards and bullies par excellence....

Had started blogging because I was a raging, average Indian….normally quite placid and never looking for trouble; with a great capacity for endurance. Something snapped that Wednesday and I was so sure that we were on the verge of some breakthrough! After reading all the nonsensical write-ups that have begun surfacing…I am in despair. There are so many rationales for what happened. Someone has said that all the rich were attacked hence the hullabaloo…the poor die everyday and there is silence…Tarun Tejpal says that the elite are to blame and the Gujarat riots which went unpunished have resulted in this Wednesday in December. Really, am I banging my head against a wall here? Can nobody see what I see?

Kasab’s village in Pakistan is Faridkot, the villagers all seem to view the media as a threat and do not want to even acknowledge the fact that they knew this unholy creature…off camera, they cannot stop giving out information about this miserable man. Apparently, he had come to take his mother’s blessing before setting out for jihad.

Pakistan refuses…..just refuses every demand that we make….I may as well stand under a neem tree and demand from it mangoes! “Demanding” anything from Pakistan is like asking the sheikhs for free oil…not going to happen even if Hell freezes over. Yet everyday, we make fresh “demands”!

The politician is already on to other agendas! He was shown in a very poor light and he took a week, ten days off…and is back in his old avatar! The Shiv sainiks tore up a lawyer’s place who was supposed to defend Kasab. And while a mob of them raised merry Cain there, a couple of policemen with the ever ready danda made faint, feeble gestures of maintaining law and order. Where was this mob when 2 terrorists went up and down Bombay (yes, I say Bombay now and forever, Mumbai is an idiotic change), firing at will and brought life to a complete halt? Like I said, we are superb cowards and bullies par excellence….one unarmed lawyer doing his job we can handle! 10 terrorists left loose make our teeth chatter like castanets all week long.

Which means that we are doomed to have such scenarios repeated because we do not learn ANYTHING at all. There is a belief that we will face similar situations in life till the time we evolve and handle them…so if a man runs away from trouble, trouble will pursue him all the time, till one day he has his back to the wall and has run his limit….he will have to fight some day, some time. In some life.

Then there are some bleeding heart jackasses who hold that “war will take away food from starving babies”…why on earth did India free herself from the British Raj and pay the stiff price of partition and a million dead? And in our villages, when “starving babies” die in peace time, is it acceptable? Please do not hide cowardly hearts in intellectual debates! Name ONE COUNTRY that would not have waged war when such an incident happened….one country! Name one country which has such a God-awful approach towards terrorism! We just let terrorists bloom and blossom and fruit and seed….and hold raging debates when they spread death and destruction! We should perhaps talk the terrorists to death since we excel at this one thing!

Can we have marathon talks and kill off our enemies? There’s an idea! Overwhelm them with words till they shoot themselves with their own bullets to escape this constant, verbal barrage.

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