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Saturday, December 6, 2008

I sing because my India will prevail!

My friends ask me why I do not send my mails to newspapers. I am only a songbird and I sing in my agony…if I could be more, I would be a soldier. If I could be more, I would be a patriotic politician. Since I am not, I will just sing my songs since I seem to do this best…I do not care about the size of my audience, it lessens my pain!

I sing to my countrymen of an India in peril.

I sing about the unsung bravery of our defence personnel.

I sing to warn us of a looming disaster we have seen yet fail to recognize.

I sing that a terrorist deserves nothing more than he offers.

I sing for a march against all enemies of India …whether they come from foreign lands or from within.

I sing that we all realize that we are Indians and we rise and fall together.

I sing that the bullet is blind and the bomb does not care…we can be Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Farsi, Parsi, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick-maker for all it cares.

I sing that a dead Indian has no price tag…he is irreplaceable.

I sing about the terror we all experience and endure yet do nothing to curb.

I sing because I have no place to go and we have no place left to hide.

I sing because my house burns and my heart burns and I find only apathy and helplessness around me.

I sing too because there might be a glimmer of hope.

I sing because we might have been pushed too far.

I sing because the Indian might get up and dust himself off and ram the enemy head on.

I sing because there might be something stirring inside a slumbering India .

I sing because this foolish bird has pride in her breast and a great blooming hope.

And I sing because my India will prevail…there are too many of us for it to do otherwise!

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Aparna Bagwe said...

U wield ur pen so wonderfully.. ive nothing to say . nothing to add, nishi! .. just one thing.. glad ur opening out ur heart on a blog... more ppl need to read this... ur words play on our heart strings, gal!