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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Only the strong can experience peace

In a saner life, I am a homemaker. I am also greatly interested in the occult and I do what almost all Hindus do…pray at the drop of a hat! I do free tarot readings because I believe that there are two realms, one is here and now and then there is a higher one and money cannot bridge these two. I have a happy home, I believe, and the future holds a promise. Had you asked me this question a week back, I would have said that I was a happy, content person, on a quest to connect myself to an elevated power.

Today, there is a samurai inside me and he struggles to throw away the yoke of mother and wife. I believe I hear my nation calling….I hear it in my dreams and I am writhing. I, who have never run half a kilometer in my life…I, who fall asleep during political debates…I, who always back down from the neighbour who fights over parking space!! I hear a call to arms.

Strange that I no longer pray for peace. My prayers do not have any conviction and when I gaze at my Gods, they seem to be looking back inquiringly. The time for prayer is past. One must protect his home and hearth, only THEN he has a right to ask for divine help too. It has taken me a long time to awaken. I could never see the terrorist as a human being though and all debate over what makes a terrorist seemed pretty pointless to me. The terrorist cannot be seen as a normal person…there is something very rotten inside him which spews forth the venom of a mamba. There is no heroism or bravery there…how can shooting ailing people in hospitals and injuring babies be anything but yellow hearted cowardice! There is no thought involved, no awakening in the terrorist. He is just a killing machine, devoted to darkness and its Masters. And since he is not human and he literally shoots his message into us, we would be quite frightfully stupid to use emotion while dealing with him. Which brings me to the other monsters we have slowly created and now when they stand before us in all their vile glory, we look askance at each other. And we panic!

When our politicians stand up for election and they have criminal records, who tolerates them? We are told not to hire servants without police verification and we choose men with police records to run the country? Do you see the irony here? We choose those as our public face whom we would not open our homes to! Why are we disgusted at them now? They have not changed. Did we not catch them out over and over, in countless sting operations over a period of years, buying and selling each other, going about their business in so filthy a fashion that all of us agree that politics is not for the fainthearted? Remember our drunk MLAs firing unlicensed weapons during marriage receptions and laughing it off the next day! Remember what the ruling party did in Bihar when Laloo’s daughter was getting married? They hold the nation to ransom themselves, no wonder they are so soft on the others who do so!!

I go down on my knees before the educated. Please stand up for election…be our candidates. You may be a principal of a school or a retired Forces personnel, or just someone whose endurance with our system has finished. Stand up for your country. We will muddle through this together….things cannot get any muckier. We are already bombed till our wits are addled. Anyone other than these fat buffoons…PLEASE!! Doctors engineers, anyone who feels the burden of our hopes and aspirations and who will not sleep easy at night till the mission is accomplished.

It is an impossible mission…a mission to make us find ourselves, a mission to ignite national pride, to take the Indian juggernaut on the road. But it can be done if the Indian gets up with steely determination. It just needs a tremendous love for our country and it is clear that almost all feel this love. This public anger and outcry is the manifestation of national love. The media is also one of our strengths. We all can feel the force of its power used constructively…it has become the voice of our torn spirits. It exposes our self serving leaders mercilessly…did anyone see them run around so much with such grave expressions till they realized they would have to go? Disaster for them is losing their seat of power, not the bodies of the 500 sacrificed at the altar of their pettiness. A leader who cannot take responsibility when things go wrong and who fights to take credit for all that goes right is pathetic. He is a loser!

We are standing on the threshold of change, let our legs not tremble now. The common Indian has lifted his voice in unison and it is like a river bursting its banks….we see our strength when we are together! Do you now understand why every politician seeks to divide us into manageable chunks? All together we are a formidable force!

There is a time for peace and a time for war. And believe me, down the ages only the strong have experienced peace. This is no time to sit still and lick our wounds and question our strength. Not the time to preach caution and tolerance. If today we do nothing, tomorrow we are dead. There will be no second chances, no replays. The politician will be more shameless, less accountable, the terrorist more murderous and better armed, other countries more contemptuous and further ahead, our tears endless and our hopes dead! If we are struck once more, we can start planning mass migration because India ’s future will be as bloodstained and bullet riddled as the marble foyer of the Taj.

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