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Saturday, December 6, 2008

This time around, let us fight for peace!

See, what I've been yelling from the rooftops is slowly being proved…that these were no ordinary run of the mill terrorist attacks. Now they are talking of "mother ships" and satellite phones and rocket launchers and definite links to Pakistan . I can see the future and I am terrified. The Pakistanis have come to our door to fight and we are unprepared! Wake up people and smell the coffee. They will attack schools next…do we want to hold our dead futures in our arms before we decide we will make a stand!

Even the media is taking strength from the presence of the Indian Army in our midst. And we say 'all will be well' when we see them go in to fight for us. Let us acknowledge our Armed Forces and give them what has been long overdue….honour and our trust. And some moolah too! They take bullets in our stead, they keep you and yours safe. They stand between us and anarchy…

And make the politicians accountable, for God's sake. These pigs have gone too far. They release ferocious terrorists from prison for ONE politician's daughter, they shell out a pittance for our safe-keepers, they divide us over ridiculous issues…Mr. Raj Thackeray, in those OG trucks are men from all over India , those from North India and South India , who come under one banner, our tricolour. Do you have the guts to send them away from "your" Mumbai which is burning fiercely, can you defend your Maharastra? The enemy is knocking on your door and I do not see the "lion of Mumbai" around! All I see is the olive green uniform.

I am burning too from indignation and a sense of loss. I mourn the blameless dead and the wounded. I mourn the fiercely burning Taj …it is a symbol of Indian pride going up in flames. I am ashamed that the world's biggest democracy and the most populous country, the awakening economic superpower is this vulnerable. I want the Indian Tiger to get up and roar so that the world listens!!

This time around, let us not forget! This time around let the dead be avenged!

This time around, let us not endure! This time around let us fight for peace!

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Aparna Bagwe said...

Indeed... give peace a chance.. and if it has none, let's fight those elements who take away our peace!